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Welcome to “hotmailcouklogins” for class. hotmailcouklogins.co.uk is working as a community. Here, as a teacher, I am teaching you everything all about Hotmail and its services. It was founded in 1996 as Hotmail by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in Mountain View, California, and headquartered in Sunnyvale.. This has become one of the top providers of email services around the world. Not only for private use but also for education institutions and businesses. But a Hotmail UK account is much more than just an email service. So if you have one, make sure you take advantage of its full potential. Let’s take a look at the different apps and Microsoft services that connected to a “Hotmail account” like we have a one drive, Sheets, slides, Skype and so on. One of the most interesting features of Microsoft product and services is that it works on all devices.