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In this era of ‘dot-com’, webmail service is another most reliable platform that people from across the globe utilizing for many other vital purposes besides exchanging emails. Hotmail surely is one of the most popular email service providers today. Hotmail exceeded Yahoo to become world’s second most used and popular email provider, pursuing Gmail on top. As of Microsoft claimed in 2016, Hotmail has managed to achieve over 450 millions of active users worldwide.

Micorsoft’s Hotmail free email service comes with many significant features we can look up to. Nevertheless, we can deny the fact that Hotmail which is re-branded as Outlook in 2012 has a confusing terminology. It failed to clearly differentiate between its Windows App or Office 356 and the free email account. That left many of the users failed to properly organize the two services at place or use accordingly.

Taking this issue in to priority, we have decided to guide you how to create Hotmail account as well as login to existing Hotmail account on various devices. We will also be showing you what Hotmail features are available so far and you can expect from the very email service provider.

How to Sign in to Hotmail (Outlook) Account from Various Devices?

Once your Hotmail account is successfully created, you can sign in to that through any web browser software or app. While you can always use the web interface, users are now also sign in to Hotmail account Outlook mobile app available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Sign in to Outlook account from any kind of devices is also a lot easier than you can expect.

How to Login to Hotmail via Android App:

  • Firstly, visit Outlook official site or Play Store to download Outlook for Android.
  • Install the app on your Android device and then launch the app.
  • Now, tap on “Get Started” button to proceed.
  • Under the “Add Account” section, type in your primary email ID and the tap “Continue”.
  • Enter the Password and select your name.
  • Next, select “Setup Account Manually”.
  • On the top-right corner, tap on tick-icon.

How to Login to Hotmail via iOS App:

  • Download/Install Outlook for IOS from Apple App Store.
  • Open the app and select “Get Started” option right away.
  • Now, enter your email ID and then hit “Get Started” button.
  • Finally, enter your password and select “Sign in”.

How to Login to Hotmail via Windows Phone:

  • In the “App List”, select device “Settings” option.
  • Now select “email + accounts” option and then select “Add an Account”.
  • Now select an account type and opt “Exchange”. Make sure your phone runs with Windows 8 or newer version.
  • Type in your email ID and then Password.
  • Tap on “Sign in” button to proceed.
  • Finally, hit the “No” option.

How to Sign in to Hotmail via Desktop Browser:

  • Open your Windows or Mac browser and go to Hotmail login page or simply type and Enter.
  • Enter either the email ID, or Skype ID, phone number.
  • Enter your Hotmail Password and click “Next”.
  • Now, click on “Sign in” option.

Once you figure out the Hotmail sign in procedure, you can access your Outlook account from any of your devices simultaneously. All your activities in Hotmail account are synced in real-time to all the active devices you are signed in. Hotmail mobile app is comparatively easier to operate when you are holding a Smartphone or Tab. Login to Outlook account from a personal computer does not take any hassle either.

And if you are using a Windows PC, you are supposed to take a lot more benefits out of Microsoft Outlook service. Hotmail mailing service is of course for free, whilst the premium version tends to service much more of it. Thus, Outlook is the second most popular mailing service in today’s world.

What is Hotmail?

Generally, Hotmail is a free email service that lets you sending and receiving emails from any corner of the globe as long as an active internet is available. Hotmail is widely appreciated for its heavy online security and anti-spam mailing service.

As of being operated by Microsoft, the platform is greatly integrated with Windows operating system. Needless to mention, Hotmail can be utilized seamlessly with Outlook Office 365 app as well.

The service also is connected to other Microsoft products like Windows Live ID, Microsoft Xbox, Skype, and many more. Let’s know more about Hotmail and the history with it.

About Hotmail:

Sabeer Bhatia, along with Jack Smith founded Hotmail back in 1995. The term ‘Hotmail’ was inspired by HTML. Later in December 1997, Hotmail was acquired by Microsoft Corporation at a cost of $400 million which is then renamed as MSC Hotmail. In November 2005, Hotmail was built entirely with a new interface. The service later was integrated to Windows Live Hotmail by 2006.

By October 2011, Microsoft came out with Hotmail’s final version that offered in 36 major languages around the world. Just a year later, Hotmail was rebranded as Outlook by Microsoft. At that point, the old Hotmail interface was entirely changed and the previous Hotmail domain was designed to redirect into Along with that all the email accounts created with old Hotmail were moved to the new Outlook interface.

Since of Hotmail initiation, and Microsoft’s acquisition, the free email service had managed to grow to achieve over 100 million users worldwide. However, during those days, Hotmail barely has a couple of service features such as spam filters, virus scans, address books for saving contacts, schedule calendar, 250 MB free space, along with the free email service.

Over a decade, as Microsoft kept changing Hotmail user interface in order to make the service safer, faster, and more reliable, the new Outlook free email service has come with many vital features you would appreciate.

Microsoft’s current Hotmail (Outlook) email service comes with many useful features. Let’s take a look at them.

Hotmail Features

Many new innovative and satisfying features are added to Microsoft Hotmail to make it more interactive and interesting. Below I am listing all new features of Hotmail which are designed and developed only to make emailing process that suits you the best.

#1. Security: Microsoft newly added A-level security features to Windows Live Hotmail. It was before only during login to defend all types of phishing. But now as that of Gmail security features that they added few months ago. Hotmail also enable HTTPS that keep secure user throughout the entire session. With this new feature from Microsoft, Hotmail became more secure and strong in terms of security.

#2. Active Packages: To make Hotmail more interactive Microsoft introduced Active View features to Hotmail. For this feature users can have direct interaction with their email contents. Hotmail now integrated with some popular external services as YouTube, Flicker, Twitter and much more that enables users to stay connected with these external services directly from their email interface. Clearly, if you receive an email that contains link of YouTube then before you need to land of YouTube to watch that video content.

But now for its new active view packages feature you can play that YouTube Video link directly on your email interface. This feature makes Hotmail more flexible and effortless. Active view packages feature of Microsoft Outlook remains very helpful for people those need the shipping service of United States Postal Service. Now on Outlook you can track your delivery and shipping status on real-time.

#3. Facebook Chatting: This is a very important feature for nowadays which will helps users to remain connect with their social friends on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. This service is now available on few regions as Germany, Brazil, US and UK but within few months this latest feature will be available for rest of the world. It will help user in many regards and it is am unique feature which is still not available on other email services. From now users of outlook can manage their contact in different way, by removing all duplicate contacts and also by making specified groups etc.

You can directly continue your social network conversation on Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook directly from your email window. A new app for iOS and Android have been developed named People that comes with all contact manage feature of Outlook that offers direct access to your friends post and timeline without opening your mobile Facebook and Twitter app.

#4. Photo Sharing: Email is one of the best platforms to share photos and on every month more than 2 billion of images are being shared by different users on Hotmail. But before there is a limitation on Hotmail for its limited size of attachment but now it became the only one email service provider that offers you to send maximum 10 GB attachment on every mail. Yes, Hotmail now became vast as you can share a photo album from SkyDrive.

It is a new service from Microsoft so on its initial process it is now available on US only but within few months this service will be available for all users irrespective of regions. You can send maximum 10 GB attachment on each mail directly from Sky Drive but with it Microsoft also increases the attachment size limit to 25 MB for regular mail.

#5. Calendar: You all might be aware of Windows Calendar which comes with beautiful User interface and design. But now this Windows Calendar feature is available on Outlook that comes with all features those are available on the windows calendar. This windows calendar was first released in the year 2008 which was known as windows Live Calendar. If you are a fan of this calendar you can now import and export files of windows Calendar to your Outlook.

With this feature on Outlook users can create, view, manage and share calendar to any other users they need to. You need to just drag and drop calendar files on Outlook and its interactive UI will manage everything to make your calendar more pleasant and attractive.

#6. Task and Event Management: On outlook you can now manage and can keep a reminder of your important wok and event you need to do. You can set a reminder of all your tasks that need to do on Outlook. You can easily track your task that need to be done on the Task option newly introduced on Outlook. With the help of this service you can easily create your own task items on a mail with an actionable flag that will help you in tracking. You can manage the whole process in another way, you need to add those task on to- do list present on Outlook.

#7. Sweep: It is also a very essential functionality that has been added to Outlook now. With this Sweep or Virtual Broom feature you can manage as well as cam easily filters your emails. You can easily delete and a search mail depends on user name, recipient name, subject and date/time. It is a very helpful feature for those who need to deals with large quantity of mails every day. If you want to perform email move and delete on bulk then Outlook Broom will help you in all regards.

#8. MS Office on Outlook: Outlook now can be easily integrated to Microsoft office, power point, excel, etc. Users can easily login to all of MS office products directly from Outlook. You can easily manage your documents and can do any type of updation which will be automatically get saved on Onedrive.

After you have synchronize MS office with all offline MS products, you can login MS office directly through your Hotmail login credential as can use it same as MS office offline.

#9. Skype: You can now do what you need on Skype directly through Outlook. This feature is same as Active packages view feature listed above that helps user to do message and call on Skype directly from Outlook.

#10. Aliases: It is another most interesting feature which is newly added to Microsoft Outlook. With this feature users can create maximum 10 different email addresses those will share the same main inbox. So from now with same contact list and email settings you can use 10 different mail ids only on Outlook. Those who are sending mail to your aliases mail id will be unaware of your main email address.

Now that you have enough idea of Hotmail features and how it can benefit you in many important tasks. If you haven’t used Hotmail before or don’t have an account in Outlook, we shall show you how to create a Hotmail or Outlook account easily.

How to Create a Hotmail (Outlook) Account? (Desktop)

Creating and sign in for Hotmail is easy and it’s free. You can also get a premium account that may cost you some bucks in case you opt to. Premium users get some extra features furnished by Microsoft while the free account is just enough to stick to the free email service. Although, creating a Hotmail account is pretty much easier than you ever thought. All you have to do is hit on couple of clicks. Here is the step by step instruction to create Hotmail account for free.

Step 1: Firstly, open your preferred web browser and visit Outlook Sign in page.

Step 2: Scroll down a little and click on the “Create one!” option.

Step 3: Type in an email ID or username as you desire. You can also use an active phone or an existing email ID.

Step 4: Now, create a password as you prefer. Make sure the password contains minimum of 8 characters, and any two of options as number, symbol, and uppercase/lowercase letters.

Step 5: Next, hit the “Next” button and you will land on another page.

Step 6: Type in your first and last name.

Step 7: Click on “Next” button again.

Step 8: Now select your “Country” or Region and your Date of Birth.

Step 9: Next, enter the Captcha Code shown in the box and then hit “Next” button.

In no time, your free Hotmail account will be created and you can sign in to Outlook any time using the chosen login credentials from any kind of Smartphone or personal computers.

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