How Has Google Changed The World

The Google is everyone’s best friend these days. Read how Google is changing the way humanity used to be once.

Google is the second most appreciated wonder of the technology. It is more than just a search engine. To many people it is a teacher, a healer, a friend and a great company to ask for suggestions. Throughout the years, Google has made itself better than before and it has changed the lives of people around the globe too.

No matter how much you deny the changes Google has introduced in your life, deep down you admire Google for it. Here are some ways Google has affected the way humans live.

Effects of Google on Humanity

#1 The Guru –

The Guru

Google would be turning 20 this year and humanity will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the journey with Google. It has been as a guru around all these years to have the back of humans on any matter. You must be familiar with the statement “Google it” and it proves how much we depend on Google regarding any information we need in our daily lives.

It contains more information than the brain of a person who is of 100 years. It is the single most visited web page all around the world. Millions of searches are carried out on Google each day.

#2. Cloud Services –

Cloud Services

There was a time when the computer took the place of the usual notebook and then gradually the handwritten documents were replaced by softcopies. Google has taken collaboration inside and outside the organization to another level with the help of Google Docs.

You can use Word, Spreadsheet and slideshow on different computers at the same time. Google Docs manages all the edits made by every person accessing the document at the same time. This helps to make as many documents as you want without using a lot of physical space. If you have not tried Google Docs, it is the right time you start using it.

#3. Faster and Better Communication –

Google launched its email services with the name Gmail in 2004 when there were many email servers already present in the world. It initiated with the aim to give a hard time to giants like Yahoo and Hotmail. The service became available for people by the end of 2007.

People had issues with managing their emails before the invention of Gmail. They had to delete emails in order to make space for new emails to arrive. Gmail removed such limitations from the people and made them free to use as much space as they want.

#4. Find Anything on Map –

Find Anything on Map

Google Maps are a great invention of the time. The Google Maps were created and were made available for people in 2005. It uses satellites to show the image of any part of the world and provides you with real-time traffic updates, estimated time of arrival and different ways to reach the destination with voice directions as well.

In the beginning, Google maps had satellite display only but it developed the street maps, panoramic street views and simple street maps soon. It can also show you the minimum estimated time of arrival based on the type of your transportation now. Google Maps are used by many other applications now at the backend to provide information about the maps.

#5. Google Hangout –

Google Hangout

Google understood the importance of meetups in the lives of people and invented Google Hangouts in 2013. It serves as a communication platform to connect people through instant messaging, SMS, video calling, VOIP and much more.

It comes free with Google Plus account and allows the user to connect to other people whenever they wish. Thousands of people use Google Hangouts each day to connect with their loved ones.

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