Hotmail UK is one of the biggest webmail service in the world. Hotmail.co.uk is especially available for the users in Great Britain because of the reason that millions of users are engaged with it. If you want to sign in as United Kingdom user, then type the URL www.Hotmail.co.uk. You will be promoted to the Hotmail official page for UK user.

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Now a days Hotmail is trying to secure Hotmail with https server which is indeed a secure one. The other thing that Hotmail is trying is that to transfer users from Hotmail.com to outlook.com or you can say for Britain users Hotmail.co.uk to outlook.co.uk. For security issues Hotmail is applying verification method to insure that account is in the right hands.

What is WWW.Hotmail CO UK?

This webmail address was introduced by Hotmail only for UK resident. You may surprise to know that people living in UK prefers to us Hotmail.co.uk instead of google mail or Hotmail official. That’s is the reason it is gaining heights. There are also some great features in it which might be interactive.

It is providing virus scam update and 250 megabytes of space. When you open www.Hotmail.co.uk there are many new features like inbox, audio player, online Microsoft office and MSN messenger etc.

Is Hotmail, only Webmail in UK?

Not exactly there are other webmail’s which are highly compatible to Hotmail.co.uk. the main webmail’s which competes Hotmail are Gmail, yahoo and Bing etc. But the main thing is that over 95% of people living in UK are using Webmail service which is indeed a great sign for promotion of Webmail in UK.

One great thing is that people using Hotmail.co.uk also tweets about its relevant things on twitter. Note that the address Hotmail.co.uk is only for UK users because while making an account you need to give the phone number UK based. Then the verification code will be send on the number and you have to type the verification code. That is why it is important that you have UK residence.


How to open www.hotmail.co.uk Sign in Page

If you want open Hotmail webpage specified for the people living in UK, then we will tell you how to do it. So don’t worry if you don’t know how to open it. You can login or sign in there. Following are the main steps for opening webpage of Hotmail specified for the UK users.

At first type the URL in the browser www.google.co.uk

Then type www.hotmail.co.uk in google and in search results choose the official site of Hotmail for UK.

The next thing depends on you that you want to sign in or sign up. If you have a Hotmail account already then you must sign in but if you are new user, then you must sign up.

In sign in you just have to enter email and your password.

But on the other if you are signing up then firstly you have to give your first and last name.

Then an email for your account.

Then you have to give password and re-enter password for verification.

Then give your country UK and your date of birth along with your gender.

The next main step is your country code and the phone number. Note that your phone number must be UK based otherwise the offer will be neglected.

Lastly agree terms and conditions and then click the option create account.

After a verification your Hotmail account will be successfully created.

Open Hotmail.co.uk Account Log in

If your UK based Hotmail account is already created, then what are you waiting for enjoy the facilities. There are multiple facilities like inbox, audio player and online Microsoft etc.

For log in type www.hotmail.co.uk in URL box and then just write your email and password of account. Then click log in. This pretty simple. You can send and receive mails, photos and much more from your friends and family.