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We cannot deny the fact that Yahoo! is one of the oldest platforms of free mailing service over the web. In the current generation as well, Yahoo! is one of the most used mailing services worldwide. If we take a look back to the older days, in those days when the world was not aware enough about online mailing service, Yahoo has managed to make a huge market in terms of online mailing service with over millions of users across the globe. Besides that, Yahoo is also known among the oldest networks that provides marketing services and telecommunication. Yahoo mailing service has been in the job for communication and many other vital purposes acquiring millions of world users.

One of the reasons Yahoo is still favourite of millions despite there are other many convenient mailing services available is user friendly service and unconditional technical support. If you are not yet a Yahoo! user, we will show you how to create a Yahoo account seamlessly. Also, we are about to guide you how to login Yahoo account in various devices.

Before we jump into the procedures to create and login to Yahoo account, let’s take a quick look at the Yahoo email and the features it comes with.

About Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail service was initially launched in 1997 by the American based parent company Yahoo. The service provides four different packages as such Basic, Plus, Ad-Free, and Business. The first three plans are for personal use and the rest is for Business purposes obvious. As of February 2017, Yahoo webmail service has acquired over 280 million of users worldwide. Thus, it’s now the third-largest webmail service in the entire world.

There are obvious reasons that Yahoo! Mail is one of the largest mailing services online. It is one of the most prominent email providers that serve in both on cost and free. The important aspects that attract users to use this web-based mailing service are ton of inbox storage space, faster loading speed, reliable security, and a user friendly mobile app that makes it even easier to access your emails in needs.

Yahoo! Mail Features

From a user perspective, the only drawback about the Yahoo webmail is that it contains too many ads. Nevertheless, Yahoo has been improving the service over the time and past few updates have shown a positive attitude on this regard. In 2015 update, we have witnessed that Yahoo mobile app features are improved and one of the most sought after features that introduced is Yahoo Account Key.

It’s a convenient password login replacement for Yahoo mobile app. By December 2017, dealing with the drawback of Yahoo inbox ads, it introduced a less-ad containing service compared to the older version.

There are numerous features of Yahoo webmail we can count on. Some of the undeniable Yahoo features are as follows:

# Along with the prominent mailing service, Yahoo also comes with a bunch of other services. The inner services that come along are as such Yahoo Answers, Yahoo search engine, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo groups, etc.

# Yahoo webmail is a very user-friendly mailing application. It has a clear different section for various aspects as such inbox, sent, spam, and other that are manageable without any hassle.

# In order to preserve the storage space and use them conveniently, Yahoo keeps unwanted/spam mails only for 90 days at max. After this 90-days period, all those unwanted emails or spam are removed automatically from your email.

# Whenever a user is online with Yahoo page, they are provided all the current happenings around the world through Yahoo News. Thus users of Yahoo can stay updated about the world.

# Yahoo gives you 25 GB of storage space to keep any data shared through your Yahoo email account over the web. On the other hand, when it comes to send documents or images through Yahoo email, users are provided 25 GB space at max.

# As the user privacy has become a major concern today, Yahoo conveniently takes care every single aspect related to privacy and security. Yahoo provides a secured platform to assure your sensitive data are stored and protected.

# You can save your important contacts including phone numbers and email addresses on your Yahoo mail itself. You may access to those contacts online anytime from any corner of the globe.

# Yahoo Calendar can be used to create a reminder of important date and events so you can stay aware and prepared.

# Irrespective of the great UI that helps any novice user get used to it, in case of any inconvenience with Yahoo email service or whatsoever, one can contact to Yahoo customer support anytime and fix the very issue in no time.

# Yahoo features are updated regularly and they are transparent to the users. Whenever Yahoo brings a new update, they notify their users through email.

# Collaborating with Flickr which Yahoo has acquired in 2005, users can store some memorable moments or important data in form of image and videos.

# In Yahoo you can also completely block a certain sender from messaging you.

Yahoo is a potential option in terms of free email service provider. Only a few negative aspect that drawbacks Yahoo becoming the best of all. Early in 2018, Yahoo also faced issues in accessing to UK-based users including some other European regions.

Being a part of Oath family, now Yahoo UK login is back to business again and users from the region/country can get access to it conveniently. Whether is about Yahoo mail UK login or from any part of the world, you will have to create an account first before login to Yahoo mail.

How to Create Yahoo Mail Account?

Creating a Yahoo account is pretty much easier than it may sound to you. There’s a Yahoo app available for most of the mobile operating systems but you will need an account in order to Yahoo mail sign in. Well, you can now use your Facebook account as well, but this time we are opting that. So, here is how you can possibly create an account in Yahoo webmail.

  • Open your browser, type or simply click on this link here.
  • On the Yahoo mail Sign in login page, click on the “Sign up” option to the bottom.
  • Now provide your personal information as such name, email address (existing or new), set a password, enter your active phone number, date of birth, etc.
  • After providing required personal information, click “Continue” button to proceed.
  • Now, you will have to verify your provided phone number using a unique key. Click on “Text me an Account Key” button.
  • Now enter the account key that was sent to your provided phone number through text message.
  • Hit the “Verify” button

So that how you can create a new Yahoo account. Once it is done, you can either use your PC browser or mobile app for Yahoo mail log in.

How to Login Yahoo Account from Various Devices?

Yahoo webpage can be accessed through both mobile browser and desktop browser. For Android and IOS users, official Yahoo app is available for free. Login to Yahoo mail is even easier from Android Smartphone or iPhone. First we will see how we can possible get Yahoo mail log in from desktop or mobile browsers.

How to Login Yahoo Account in Desktop (Web Browser):

  • Open your browser and go to the official Yahoo website.
  • Click on the Sign in button to the top right.
  • Enter your Yahoo email ID or username and password.
  • Finally click on “Sign in” button.

How to Login Yahoo Account in Android:

First of all, you have to download and install Yahoo app for Android. Once the app is installed, you can either create Yahoo account through the app or simply login to your existing Yahoo mail account. Follow the below steps to Yahoo mail sign in.

  • Open Yahoo app from your app drawer.
  • Tap on the “Sign in” button.
  • Type in your Yahoo email address or username and tap “Next” button.
  • Now, type in your Yahoo password.
  • Next, hit the “Sign in” button.

That’s you can Login to Yahoo mail through your Android Smartphone or Tab. Let’s see how you can get Yahoo mail sign in from iOS decides as well.

How to Login Yahoo Account in iPhone:

Firstly, download and install free Yahoo app for iOS. After installing the app, follow the below instructed procedure for Yahoo mail login.

  • Open Yahoo app in your iPhone.
  • Type in your Yahoo username or email ID.
  • Enter password.
  • Hit the “Sign in” button and you are good to go.

Yahoo mail login from iOS device is much similar to the Android. Of course it’s an easy task to do. Yahoo app also helps you to manage multiple email account from various platforms on a single window.

You can also add your Yahoo account to iOS mail feature along with other email accounts. Login to Yahoo mail is a lot easier regardless of the device you are using. Creating a Yahoo account is also a piece of cake.

Being one of the most popular free email services in the world, Yahoo! mail have been improving its features and service over the time. We are expecting even better from Yahoo in coming days.

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